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ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional):

  • Boom and line pumps available for schools, warehouses, retail and office buildings
  • We offer 2" tip hose attachments for masonary block fill, and can supply small diameter line for pre-cast floor toppings

Water Treatment/Pumping, Bridge Decks/Abutments/Restoration

  • Years of experience pumping low slump, low water:cement ratio, plasticized/self-consolidating mixes, using the wide assortment of tip hose attachments including wall pipes, Kevlar re-enforced wall socks and reducing tip hoses
  • Our trailer mounted concrete pumps are ideal for restoration of balconies, tunnels & bridges, culvert fill, basement floors, and “bottom up” filling of columns and walls


ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms):

  • All Pumps carry 3” tip hoses for ICF wall mixes
  • We Offer 1” head vibrator rentals supplied with the pump to eliminate your trip to/from to rental store
  • All of our operators are trained ICF installers, giving you peace of mind when pouring your wall

Subdivision, Custom Home, Multi Unit

  • We exclusively offer “Z” boom pumps to make working under or over temporary subdivision supply lines safe and efficient
  • The long reach and small footprint of our 36Z, 38Z and 40Z boom pumps make them the obvious choice for multiple setups and quick cleanup 


  • Our large booms are ideal for single setups on large barn and tank walls
  • The high volume output produced by our boom pumps allow us to make quick work of large silo bases

Large/Remote Projects (i.e. Mining, Power Generation, etc.):

  • We offer on-site repair & maintenance facilities serving ALL of Ontario
  • Ability to quote jobs based on time & material, or contract
  • The combined flexibility of our boom pumps and operator/mechanics allows us to reliably operate in cold, harsh and remote conditions, while placing vast amounts of concrete

Placing Booms:

  • Ideal for high rise and restricted access projects
  • We offer Z folding placing booms to keep working height to a minimum, allowing tower crane operation while pumping concrete
  • Our Putzmeister tower system is self-climbing, requiring crane time only at the beginning and end of the project
  • Other installation options include free-standing (up to 80’ high) and external/elevator shaft tie in to eliminate modification of the building’s floor structure

Line Pump:
2”, 3”, 4” or 5” Line, Steel/Nylon Fibers

  • Whether using a trailer pump for congested job sites, or placing line on the end of a boom pump, we offer every line size available for concrete placement
  • Allow us to pump your next floor slab, underpinning job, machine base, tunnel repair, or indoor pool
  • We have all of the right wall hooks, protective pans, pull hooks, end hose chokers and accessories to make the job less labour intensive
  • All pumps (including trailer pumps) come with onboard compressed air & water supply, as well as blowout caps, ball catchers and cleanout bags for the fastest and most tidy cleanup process in the industry



  • Our high horsepower, high pressure trailer mounted line pumps are ideal for both large and small shotcrete jobs
  • All pumps come equipped with two shotcrete nozzles, spare cones, grease, and can even be supplied with a 185 cfm air compressor for a complete shotcrete solution
  • Trailer pump engines are EPA Tier 4 Compliant for minimal exhaust emissions in confined spaces