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Premier Concrete Pumping is proud to operate a fleet of modern Putzmeister equipment.

Featuring the same technology used to set the vertical concrete pumping world record, our high pressure s-tube pumps are built to pump the toughest mixes smoothly and consistently.

Our staff have completed operator, mechanic and structural inspector training programs. We know our equipment inside and out, a must for a safe jobsite and reliable pour.

Having completed projects in excess of 80,000 m3, no job is too big or too small.





63 Meter RZ – 5 Section
The compact front outriggers and massive boom on this pump combine to give you all the reach you will ever need. Equipped with full 5” diameter delivery line and 5 boom sections, it can pump the harshest mixes at up to 180m3/hour.
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61 Meter – 4 Section
With an outrigger spread only slightly bigger than a 52m, numerous short-rigging options, and a 61m boom, this truck fits into spots not possible with a 63m pump, with nearly the same reach. When you combine this with the maneuverability of 5 steering axles, and a turning radius less than a 47m, this is the pump of choice for tight sites and far reaches.
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52 Meter Multi-Z – 5 Section
Featuring 170’ of reach, electronic boom control and one-sided-shortrigging-support (OSS), this is the smoothest and most versatile 52 meter pump available.
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47 Meter RZ – 5 Section
With 5 boom sections and a small outrigger footprint, this pump can reach places previously reserved for machines in the 50 meter class, while setting up and moving in half the time.
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40 Meter Z – 4 Section
The largest boom available on a 3 axle truck, this is a popular choice for residential work and large custom homes. For high rise work, the boom is detachable, to create the largest placing boom available on the market.
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38 Meter RZ – 5 Section
Having all of the reach of a 38m pump, with the folded overall length of a 32m, this truck can pull into congested driveways and unfold while avoiding overhead wires and surrounding trees. This is the most popular make and model of pump worldwide for the last 4 years.
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36 Meter Z – 4 Section
With 96’ of net reach and a customer favourite 4 section Z folding boom, this pump makes quick work of pours ranging from lean mix and mud slabs to 40mm aggregate and steel fibers. Generous deck space also allows for up to 250’ of 4” system to be delivered to site without an extra truck.
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31 Meter ZX – 5 Section
Overhead wires? Trees? Low ceiling? Small door ways? Not a problem for the original “Spaghetti Boom”. Capable of unfolding and operating in less than 19’ of overhead space, if this pump can’t unfold, no pump can.
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20 Meter – 4 Section
This pump has a 4-section boom with a 12’10” unfolding height which makes it the perfect fit to get inside buildings for mezzanine pours or similar interior jobs.  When these features are combined with a folded height of less than 12’, and a front outrigger footprint of 11’2”, this truck routinely completes jobs typically reserved for trailer pumps, often while eliminating line.
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LINE PUMPS – Trailer Mounted

TK & Magnum Trailer Pumps
(from 7 to 90 m3/hour)
Choose from a huge assortment of pumps, line size, spray nozzles, mixer pumps, and controlled pressure outputs for virtually every need from grout to large aggregate concrete.
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TB130 Telebelt – 5 Section Telescopic
Capable of moving aggregate, sand, concrete or any other material that can be placed on a conveyor belt. With a working height of less than 15’, and numerous hopper options, this machine opens up a new realm of material placement possibilities.
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MXR Series 2 Detach, self climbing with horizontal "Z" boom reaches up to 36M (116').
Ideal for tall buildings and limited access jobsites where boom pumps will not fit or cannot reach.
Allow us to engineer a system to meet your jobsite's needs.  With our self climbing configuration these systems require crane time for setup at project start and removal at project completion.  This allows you to continue forming with your crane while we take care of concrete placement.
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